Lucky Charms Just Got A Cozy New Makeover (Photo)

Lucky Charms Just Got A Cozy New Makeover (Photo)

Your favorite marshmallow-filled childhood cereal just got a whole lot cozier.

Okay, let's be real: Lucky Charms cereal was never just a cereal for kids. Sure, it's chock full of totally sugary and artificial marshmallow puffs, and the actual "healthy" part of the cereal is pretty laden with sugar itself, but we have definitely been snacking on this brand all the way into our adulthood. It's just comforting and delicious.

Now, bless General Mills' sweet little soul, the company has launched a brand new iteration of the cereal and changed it up for winter.

That's right: Lucky Charms oatmeal is now a thing.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

First spotted by the Impulsive Buy, the oatmeal apparently features mini marshmallows, which is super cute and appropriate for a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal, and will probably taste amazing on a cold winter's day.

"They're magically fibrous!" jokes the Impulsive Buy.

We are already planning on making ourselves a big, warm batch of this colorful treat, and maybe even topping it with an extra sprinkle of brown sugar or a dash of maple syrup.

And if Lucky Charms oatmeal doesn't do it for you -- although we can't imagine why it wouldn't -- then perhaps you can get excited about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch instant oatmeal that is pictured right next to the Lucky Charms.

Thank you General Mills; you have truly made all of our cold weather breakfast wishes a reality.

Are you going to try the two new oatmeal flavors?