Lust Over These 14 Steamy Soup Gifs

It's freezing outside! Have a nice bowl of soup with us and warm yourself up.

Would you like some hot brothy noodles?

We'd slurp that up in seconds!

This stunning veggie ramen is no match for the panda.

Look at that gorgeous sizzling broth!

Here, have another serving.

Would you rather have something smooth and creamy, like this lovely tomato bisque?

Or are you craving a thick, chunky seafood stew, like this one?

Looking for classic comfort fare? There's nothing like a nice classic bowl of chicken noodle to make you feel better ...

We'd do anything for this thick pappardelle version right now.

Imagine how delicious this flavorful broth tastes!

We'd give anything for a ladle-full of this steamy beauty.

Truly a stunning process, from start to finish!

One piping bowl of soup, please!