Make Homemade Honeycomb With This Amazing Hack (Video)

Prepare to revolutionize your entire dessert repertoire—we discovered a hack for making homemade honeycomb, and it could not be easier (video below).

If you’ve ever eaten honeycomb, you understand our excitement. Honeycomb is like toffee’s fluffy, crunchy, sophisticated cousin—characterized by an irresistible texture and an addicting caramelized flavor.

Despite the fact that it can be difficult to find honeycomb in the United States, however, the decadent dessert has been gaining popularity in dishes that range from Pinkberry’s limited edition ice cream to cult-favorite Violet Crumble candy bars. In honor of its growing popularity, we decided that it was high time that we learned how to make our own honeycomb, regardless of the difficulty of the recipe.

Luckily, however, before embarking down a slippery slope of candy thermometers and tears of frustration, we discovered this incredible video, which demonstrates an easy (and delicious) way in which to make homemade honeycomb.

While the recipe itself calls for Golden Syrup, a caramelized sugar syrup is available at many international or specialty grocery stores. Also, we discovered that it’s entirely possible to make the honeycomb using standard corn syrup—just make sure that you allow the mixture to caramelize completely before removing it from the stove.

Before watching the video below, prepare to have your mind blown. Personally, we’ll be dipping our honeycomb in dark chocolate, sprinkling it over ice cream, and even using it to decorate our most decadent summer cakes! Enjoy!