Make Your Lazy Snacking Dreams Come True With Your New Favorite Toy: The JerkyBot (Video)

Are we ready for this?

America, I would like to formally introduce you to a little thing called the JerkyBot, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a bot that is designed to follow you around the house holding jerky or another favorite food for you to eat (video below).

Created by drone developer Andy Shen in collaboration with Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, the drone senses and stays within arms reach of its human, thereby enabling the human to conveniently grab jerky wherever they go.

Per Food Beast, nearly retired baseball player David Ortiz decided to illustrate just how useful the JerkyBot truly is in this video.

Look: Ortiz is no actor, but it is pretty amusing to watch him go about his day-to-day tasks with a platter of beef jerky trailing his every move.

Unfortunately, you cannot actually buy the JerkyBot, and there are also no current plans to mass-produce it for sale. You’ll have to be satisfied by watching and re-watching this video with the rest of us instead: