Man Eats 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies, Lives To Tell The Tale (Video)

"Eat 203 Chips Ahoy cookies!" someone demands of you.

"Ha, yeah right!" you'd say jokingly, though you really could go for a few cookies.

"No, actually, eat 203 cookies in less than half an hour," the person demands, completely seriously.


Professional eater Matt Stonie, however, would take on the task eagerly -- and he did, in 27 minutes and 33 seconds.

Armed with six packs of Chips Ahoy cookies -- some chocolate chip and some, his personal favorite, with M&M's -- and two half-gallons of milk, he embarked upon his gluttonous journey and filmed it for the world to see (video below).

"One gallon of milk, 203 cookies. Let's do it," he begins.

He makes it look so easy, popping entire cookies into his mouth and devouring them in pleasant-sounding crunches, alternating bites with gulps of milk.

It isn't until he's 30 cookies in, at around 2 minutes and 50 seconds, when his expression begins to sour.

"Oh, man, my mouth is slowly starting to dry out,” he complained at the 54-cookie mark. "I’m definitely gonna need all of this milk."

It's a good thing he bought two half-gallons, then, as he was about a fourth of the way finished with the cookies and had gulped down a fourth of the milk.

He lets out a belch that "felt good" before bravely moving on.

Stonie continues with little nonsense, stopping only at important moments. He pauses to point out the beauty of the 103rd cookie, a specimen with particularly even chocolate-chip distribution.

"That's a good looking cookie," he observes before crushing it between his powerful jaws.

Cookie 119 is a toughie, as he stops to soothe his sore jaw. "The crunchy cookie is starting to wear down at my gums right now," he says. He adds that his dog headbutted him earlier, whacking him square in the jaw.

Dozens of cookies later, he's down to the final five. With a deep breath, he plows through.

After the final cookie, a victorious Stonie chugs his remaining quarter gallon of milk, swallowing the last drop at 27 minutes and 33 seconds. 

"Oh, that's a lot of milk," he observes.

Yes. Yes, it was.

As frighteningly impressive as his feat was, it was normal for Scottie, who has devoured five Chipotle burritos in four minutes and 25 double-fudge brownies in one minute. His outrageous exploits can be found here.