Man Sells Old McDonald's Szechuan Sauce For $14,700

This is proof that thoughtful and well-wrought cartoons are some of the most influential forms of entertainment we have.

As we reported on April 3, a show on Adult Swim called "Rick and Morty" premiered the first episode of its long-awaited third season on April Fool's Day, much to its fans collective delight. In the episode, one of the lead cartoon characters, Rick, speaks incredibly highly about a certain fast food chain's special sauce: McDonald's Szechuan sauce, to be exact.

In fact, Rick pretty much calls the sauce his raison d'etre, and laments on how the sauce, which McDonald's released in 1998 to celebrate the Disney movie "Mulan," has been discontinued since.

He wants the sauce; he needs the sauce. He claims he'd do just about anything to taste the sauce just once more.

As it happens, in real life, one British eBay seller actually stumbled across a pair of vintage limited edition McDonald's sauces -- the highly coveted Szechuan sauce, as well as a Wasabi dipping sauce -- while he was cleaning out his car.

He promptly put the two sauces up on eBay, describing the product as "Mulan Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce," according to the Mirror. And after racking up 187 bids for the sauce, they ended up selling for a cool $14,700 on April 11.

Yes, seriously.

The seller said in the item description that he didn't want the sauce to just go to anybody.

"I hope somebody who wants to eat some 20-year-old gnarly sauce gets this.

"I would prefer not to sell it to a collector."

I can't help but wonder if McDonald's is going to take heed of the sudden and manic resurgence in popularity the Szechuan sauce is clearly having after the premier of the new "Rick and Morty" episode, and if the mega-popular fast food chain is going to actually bring back the sauce now that it's back in the public consciousness.

Do you want the golden arches to start offering the Szechuan sauce again? Or would you rather just see the arc play out on "Rick and Morty" in cartoon form?