Man Travels World Taking Pictures Of Pizza (Photos)

There are no shortages of Instagram niches. Accounts dedicated to beautiful round dishes, beautiful round faces, and beautiful round bottoms are by no means rare. "Baddie" grandmas sporting youth culture clothing line Huf and Obey and shoddy taxidermy animals are few and far between. But one niche that has long suffered an over-saturation of accounts, sometimes indistinguishable from another, is the wayfaring Instagram accounts, complete with equally over-saturated photos and impossible crowd-free shots of exotic landmarks.

Globetrotting Phil Duncan seems like the traditional travel blogger/Instagrammer. But his exploration doesn't just start with an excellent photo and caption, nor are his motives driven by "wanderlust." If anything, it's hungerlust.

Traveling to over 30 countries across five continents, British bloke and Seattle resident Phil documents these expeditions one slice at a time on his befitting travel blog, Travel Slice. Other impressive stats: he's got 335 Instagram posts (containing pizza and his six-pack abs) and over 20,000 followers.

The 28-year-old told Thrillist that he noticed his friends paid more attention to his pizza photos on his Instagram than any others. So he made it a point to capture all the pizza he was eating throughout his travels from "the largest cities in the world" to "some tiny remote islands in the middle of nowhere," he told Elite Daily.

Wherever you go, he says, you'll always find pizza.

Having eaten his way through 30 countries, he says that there does exist a bad slice of pizza. Apparently, it's in Argentina. "Possibly the worst pizza I've had." Asked about his favorite pizza destination, the Instagrammer picked -- as anyone could have guessed -- New York city. No place in particular, but he says he's eaten a lot of good pizza in the Big Apple, so it takes the cake (or slice).

Surprisingly, the presumed home of pizza, Italy, was not on Phil's travel list. But he hopes to one day soon do a pilgrimage and experience pizza to its fullest by learning to make one himself, the true Italian way. The Seattle-based Instagrammer revealed that he dreams to open his own pizza restaurant one day.