Man Uses KFC Bucket For Soda Refill, Twitter Applauds (Photo)

Twitter is calling "Soda Bucket Man" a genius. Pictured below is his act of ingenuity, spotted by sports site SB Nation.

They say it takes only one person -- the right person -- to be "discovered"; such is the case with "Soda Bucket Man." Lauded as the "smartest man alive," captioned as "a god," this anonymous man single-handedly (and surely, unintentionally) achieved Twitter stardom when he was "caught" refilling his free refill with a large KFC bucket, usually reserved for chicken. Twitter caught wind after the photo went live Jan. 5, and instantly the praise came rushing in.

One user gave his respect, saying "Dude's playing chess while we're all playing checkers," and another responded that it was more like "4D Battleship." Andy Cole, Vancouver radio host, brought up excellent questions to consider, such as "Did he pay for that?" "What is the true meaning of 'free refill'?" and "Who needs that much soda?"

Despite the dubious legitimacy of crafty soda caching and the ambiguous rules of soda fountain etiquette that this photo brings up, people still gave Soda Bucket Man a standing ovation with nearly 50,000 retweets and 90,000 likes, causing quite a stir with fellow soda-refill "vigilantes."

One Twitter user quipped with his own take on a refill. In place of a KFC chicken bucket, he used a cardboard popcorn bowl and snuck it out of the theater.

One person gave him props for his "straw stabilizer," calling it "genius."

With a recent spike in fast-food menu deals -- McDonald's "$1 $2 $3" deal, Wendy's "$4 for 4" -- it's easier now than ever to get a "bang for your buck" deal on full fast-food items. Praise be to this crafty gentleman who knows just how far to stretch a single dollar (and a cardboard bucket).

Free refills are a longtime fringe benefit at fast-food establishments. And people are wising up, finding ingenious solutions or "life hacks," as some would call it, to tap into these advantages. According to Munchies, KFC Canada confirmed the man was breaking standard policy, but Colonel Sanders did say on more than one occasion that "there are few problems a bucket of chicken can't solve."