Matthew McConaughey Learns 'The Art Of The Sell' With Wild Turkey (Video)

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is about to undertake his most ambitious role yet.

Wild Turkey, a "super-premium" bourbon produced in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, announced that McConaughey would serve as the Creative Director for the brand (video below).

"I told them, 'I don’t want to be just a face. I have ideas. I’m an idea man,'" McConaughey told The New York Times. "The brand is a little dusty, and in some ways I’m shaping a full-on reintroduction."

Over his multiyear contract, the award-winning actor will write, direct, star in, and create music for television and digital ad campaigns. He will also be featured in the brand’s online documentary, as the history of the 161-year-old liquor is discussed.

"The great news is that Wild Turkey hasn’t changed in all these years -- it’s totally authentic," McConaughey continued. "And that appeals to millennials. Because they can smell fake. Some manicured, bearded hipster soliciting them? No, thanks."

McConaughey said Wild Turkey’s authenticity needs to come through in its ad campaigns, especially in order to appeal a young consumer base.

"Millennials, and I know this for a fact, can smell solicitation," he explained. "And it’s a turnoff. The best ads are not solicitous."

He believes the liquor is "unapologetically itself," which will attract those who live their lives in a similar way.

"Wild Turkey has the history and qualities of a brand that depicts the dedication of someone to do something their own way -- even if that way isn’t always the most popular," McConaughey said, as reported by Forbes. “I want to help share their unique story.”

Premium spirits company Gruppo Campari is hoping that McConaughey will greatly increase Wild Turkey sales both domestically and internationally.

"Older, particularly Southern, gentlemen have always loved the brand, but we need to close the gap between our perceived quality and our actual quality," explained Melanie Batchelor, vice president for global spirits.

McConaughey’s desire to supercharge the brand and learn "the art of the sell" has already impressed Gruppo Campari executives.

"I did get more than I bargained for, but in a great way," Batchelor said.