McDonald's Dollar Menu Set To Release In 2018

Starting in 2018, we'll all get to eat at McDonald's like it's 2014 again.

Buyers love a bang-for-your-buck deal. So of course when McDonald's launched its Dollar Menu, which offered McDouble cheeseburgers, four-piece Chicken McNuggets and diabetically large sweet tea beverages for just a buck each, then subsequently killed the dollar deal in 2014 -- customers did not take the news well.

But guess what's making a comeback in 2018? It's the McDonald's Dollar Menu.

McDonald's president Chris Kempczinski said in a conference call on Oct. 24 that the fast-food chain does not have to "win" on value, but cannot lose to it either.

The long-awaited value menu will feature items costing $1, $2 and $3, according to the company's press release. This new deal is closer to the original popular Dollar Menu glory than the restaurant's previous subpar deal like the McPick 2 (choose two menu items for $5), which had limited success.

Other popular fast-food chains have also tried pushing for discounted menus to appeal to cash-strapped customers, but McDonald's Dollar menu may give Wendy's 4 For $4 Meal and KFC's $5 Fill-Up Buckets a run for their money.

McDonald's is also undergoing other menu changes: removing artificial ingredients from chicken McNuggets, adding caramel macchiatos to the McCafe menu, and swapping Minute Maid apple juice with Honest Kids brand organic apple juice to appeal to health-conscious customers.

The past four years, McDonald's Corp has seen traffic numbers decline, but the company has spent those years paying attention to its customers' needs and improving the quality of its products.

According to Fortune, McDonald's has been testing a long-awaited mobile ordering app, which could potentially disrupt restaurant chains that have worked out the kinks, like Domino's Pizza. According to Time, the chain reported U.S. sales in locations opened for at least one year had risen 4.1 percent, a higher figure than anticipated.

There is no official release date of McDonald's modified Dollar Menu or what the menu will feature, but if you're looking for a cheap $1 deal, McDonald's coffee and soft drinks are still just a buck each.