McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Is Full Of Scary Gunk (Photos)

As disappointing as it is when McDonalds' ice cream machine is broken, perhaps it's for the best in the end. A former employee tweeted a photo of part of a machine at his location, and it's less than gorgeous.

The mysterious mixture of substances -- opaque black, blue and gray -- looks more like it came from an old car than from a soft-serve maker. Twitter users responded to the tweet, thinking the machine must certainly have been broken. Surely.

Not so, replied the worker.

If what Nick said is true, more than one customer has received dairy-esque product from the gruel-filled machine. The country has stood by McDonald's through thick and thin -- literally, through thick, we've all seen "Super Size Me." We've accepted the fact that their foods can take years to decompose. But when there's fecal matter in their soda machines and gunk that looks like dirty New York snow in their ice cream makers, by golly, we've got to draw the line.

Holding onto hope, more Twitter users came to McDonald's defense, insisting the photo must really be of a grease trap.

Nick then shared pictures of the side of the ice cream machine and then of the real grease trap to hush the naysayers.

Evidently on a social-media high from endless likes and retweets, Nick continued on his rampage, sharing an unappetizing photo of the kitchen's depths.

To his apparent amusement, he was fired.

People weren't so supportive of jobless Nick, instead defending McDonald's.

Getting fired was all part of Nick's master plan, he announced, as he would soon begin a new gig. Convenient.

From this incidence of Twitter warfare, we can conclude that just about anything can happen at McDonald's, and people will absolutely keep going. There are fries involved, after all.