McDonald's Is Finally Testing Out A Vegan Burger (Photo)

McDonald's is trying out an exclusive vegan burger called the McVegan, which will be offered at a single McDonald's location in Tampere, Finland, Food and Wine reports.

The trial period will only go from Oct. 4 through Nov. 21, a slim window for anyone, Finland local or not, to participate. But if you're so lucky to taste a McVegan, you'll uncover a single soy patty burger, served with an eggless McFeast sauce, according to Veg News. The fast food chain also serves vegan french fries at this location, which are baked in vegetable oil instead of fried in beef fat.

Christoffer Ronnblad, marketing director of McDonald's in Finland, told Finnish media outlet MTV that the McVegan's success in the Finland location will determine whether McDonald's will introduce the plant-based burger worldwide. Ronnblad says the feedback has been mostly positive.

"I'm Lovin' It" is McDonald's shtick, and that "it" that you're "lovin'" has always been a Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Tenders, or some other meaty enterprise. Which begs the question: Why go vegan?

Food and Wine reports that vegetarianism and veganism are on the upswing, "with even the meat-loving U.S. going from 1% of people claiming to be vegan in 2014 to 6% this year."

McDonald's may be shifting its focus to accommodate an even greater customer base, rivaling many retailers and restaurants offering meatless burgers such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger.

Vegetarian and vegan options are getting more refined, too, with The Impossible Burger -- a plant-based burger specially designed to have the taste and texture of meat, "even down to its juicy 'bleeding' quality," according to the company's official site. The meatless burger did so well that David Chang, famous chef and owner of Momofuku Nishi, debuted it at his restaurant.

If McDonald's gets the green light on a vegan burger, we can likely expect competing fast food restaurants to follow suit; veganism and vegetarianism are here to stay. National Post reports that the number of vegans rose 360 percent in the past 10 years in the U.K. alone.

Proponents of plant-based diets, your meatless substitutes are about to get a whole lot tastier.