McDonald's Is Selling Burgers With A Fork And Knife

It appears that McDonald's is now suggesting that we eat our burgers with a knife and fork.

But don't panic just yet. 

Before you have visions of an impending apocalypse, you should know that not every McDonald's restaurant is doing this. 

Some McDonald's restaurants in -- you guessed it! -- France, are now serving up burgers with a knife and fork. 

This perversion of burger-eating tradition is only occurring with orders of McDonald's "signature" gourmet burger, which is more expensive than a regular burger. 

According to Le Figaro, this fancy burger, which comes with cutlery, costs around 13.60 Euros, or about $15.23.

 “For the first time, customers can enjoy their signature burger with a fork and a knife, unheard of at McDonald's,” said Xavier Royaux, the vice president of marketing for McDonald’s France, to Le Figaro.

Unheard of indeed. 

“The cutlery constitutes an evolution and not a rupture,” adds Royaux.

I really wonder who’s spending more than $15 for a burger at McDonald’s, of all culinary institutions, and then eating said burger with a knife and fork.

To each his own.

The addition of cutlery began on June 13, after being tested in a dozen restaurants, according to the Daily Mail.

The burger cutlery will be offered at 1,400 French McDonald’s, some of which even offer table service, according to the Washington Post.

The burger has become increasingly popular in France, with approximately 75 percent of France’s restaurants including it on their menus, reports The Local.

Now, we know that not all burgers are created equal. Sure, this gourmet "signature" burger may have higher quality beef than a regular burger. But don't they at least deserve to be eaten in the same way that heaven intended? 

It's like cutting up a hot dog, or worse, putting a knife to french fries. 

What’s next? Eating chicken fingers with chopsticks?

Exceptions can certainly be made for some pizzas, but a burger is just not meant to be touched by a fork and knife. Plus, it's a waste of plastic that just didn't need to exist for that purpose. The forks and knives will be recyclable, but still.

When I was little, I thought hamburgers were actually called "hand" burgers.

And in a sense, they’ll always be handburgers, for me at least.

Would you cut up your hamburger?