McDonald's Is Serving Curly Fries, But There's A Catch (Photos)


ATTENTION! ATTENTION! You can now get curly fries at McDonald's!

As iconic as those thin, floppy, nearly soggy McDonald's French fries are, there's something that's just completely marvelous and magical about those perfectly seasoned, twisted and crisp-yet-tender, greasy creations that always makes me feel like I won a prize when I manage to upgrade to them from regular fries.

Look how delightful:

Wouldn't you love a bag full of these? I sure would.

There's a catch though. According to Popsugar, these coiled beauties -- called "Twister Fries" but which resemble any other name for curly fries --  are only available in Singapore and the Philippines, just like fried chicken legs, longanisa and spaghetti. Le sigh.

Oh, and in case you were worried that they weren't delicious enough, you can get them with salt, pepper and crab seasoning if you really want to make me jealous.

The fries originally started out as a limited-edition item in the Southeast Asian nations, notes McDonald's Wikia. But for the last few years, the twirly snacks have been available for one month every year to celebrate Chinese New Year.

They have reportedly been through several different rebranding iterations:

According to a 2014 review from 3rd World Geeks, they taste more or less the way you would expect them to.

"Taking aside the aesthetics, it's just curly fries," reads the review. "In fact, I have to say it tastes almost exactly like KFC's take on french fries! The only thing that makes McDonald's Twister Fries special is the twisty shape."

Unfortunately, Yours Truly does not have access to KFC's curly fries either, so while it's not too helpful of a review, it indicates that these are probably just regular curly fries (so that helps).

Fingers crossed that these lovely creations make their way stateside soon!