McDonald's Minions Menu Is Incredibly Adorable (Photos)

Okay, so this might actually take the cake for the cutest menu of all time. 

Let me just start by saying, it's Minions-themed. As in the cute little yellow creatures from Universal's animated movie, "Despicable Me."

If you haven’t seen the movie, you may know them from the "Banana Song" video, which currently has over 52 million views on YouTube. 

If you haven't seen the video either, it features four little animated yellow creatures that kind of look like fat jelly beans in overalls singing a song in jibberish to the tune of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." 

Needless to say, a must-see. 

And who has created this Minions menu, you ask? McDonald's!

If you think regular Happy Meals are cute, wait till you see this.

First off, there’s a Minion ice cream cone which is small, bright blue and oh-so-cute.

The mini cone features a yellow swirl of soft serve ice-cream (banana flavored, of course), and a bright blue cone to mimic the Minions' overalls. You can even get the Banana ChocoCone, which is the same thing but dunked in chocolate.

And all for $1. Unreal.

What else is on this Minion-y menu?

In the "Banana Song," the Minions not only belt out “ba-na-na-ah,” but also (significantly) “po-ta-to-na-ah.” So of course, McDonald’s couldn't forget the fries. In fact, these may be the cutest fried potatoes I have ever seen in my life.

McDonald’s is offering Minion-shaped “potato” nuggets, which are extra-fluffy fries, according to Delish. They’re basically little fried nuggets shaped like happy, smiling Minions with their little Minion-potato arms outstretched.

One Instagram user described their exterior as “hashbrown-like.”

Just seeing a photo of one has got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, they look extra crispy and delicious, and just begging to be dunked in ketchup.

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But wait, there’s more. McDonald’s is also offering Minions Banana Pie and Minion Spicy Chicken Nuggets, all sold in Minions-themed packaging, of course.

And, last but not least, how could we forget the Minions Happy Meal toys, which are almost cuter than the potatoes.

Now comes the sad part: This adorable menu, which is connected with the release of "Despicable Me 3," is only available in Singapore. So, unless you live there or are planning on going soon, no Minion fries for you.

Despicable, isn’t it?