McDonald's New Molten Chocolate Pies (Photos)

I still remember going to McDonald's as a little kid, plowing through the burger, chicken nuggets and fries, all to get to the best part of a McDonald's meal: the apple pie. It was what I looked forward to every single time I went to the fast-food joint. The filling in the center was my favorite part; the gooey mass of apple filling that would seep out with every bite. Yum! I still crave one once in awhile.

And well, that craving has now increased twofold because the new McDonald's dessert item is (somehow) an even more delicious version of the classic apple pie.

The Molten Chocolate Pie is just like the classic, but if the pie crust was made of chocolate and if the inside was not gooey apples, but gooey warm fudge. Interestingly, the Molten Chocolate Pie is not baked, like the original apple pie; instead, the pie's outside crust is blistered. McDonald's is throwing us something new, but still keeping it classic.

Since its release, the divine dessert has gone big on Instagram. Check some of these picture-perfect pies.

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Imagine biting into the crispy chocolate crust, and gooey, warm chocolate fudge oozes out. I would not be ashamed to have chocolate stains all over my shirt after eating one of these.

I'm already mentally mapping out the closest McDonald's from my house to get one of these. But, unfortunately, this trip would be a long adventure, requiring at least a day and, oh right, a plane ticket, too. This new dessert item is only available in South Korea, so something tells me I'm going to have to do a lot of waiting and Seoul-searching to get my hands on this delectable treat. And it's not just me, a few dozen people on Instagram are already suggesting South Korea as their next vacation spot.

But, I'm not worried and certainly not planning an expensive trip to get ahold of these chocolatey bad boys (sadly). Because, something tells me amidst all the outcry and ruckus on social media, McDonald's may just throw us a bone (or pie) and give us what we want, right here in the States!