McDonald's Now Serves 'Mac And Cheese' Grilled Cheese (Photos)

Imagine a toasty-on-the-outside, melty-on-the-inside grilled sandwich, filled not with meat and vegetables but with more carbs -- something extra indulgent, like macaroni and cheese. This sounds like the stuff of dreams, but it's in reach. And it's available now at McDonald's, Brand Eating reports.

Mickey D's Hong Kong has launched a bacon macaroni and cheese grilled cheese. It features a heaping serving of two-cheese mac and cheese with crumbled bacon, sandwiched between two slices of panini-pressed white bread -- and it has answered the world's prayers for mac' and cheese that we can acceptably eat with our hands.

If America's favorite orange pasta is somehow not your thing, you're bound to find another McDonald's sandwich to your liking. The chain has also begun serving a corn and cheese champignon Toastie, which piles champignon mushrooms, white cheese and sweet corn between grilled bread. The sweet corn and cheese combination could have been inspired by cheese corn, according to Refinery 29. It's an ingenious Korean dish that pairs corn with sugar and mayonnaise, which is topped with mozzarella cheese and baked until bubbly.

The trendy Toastie has been around for a while in Hong Kong; it finds its roots in a tamer breakfast version with ham, cheese and egg. 

Though the mac and cheese sammy is adventurous, it's child's play for the ultra-creative Asian McDonald's restaurants, which also introduced to the world a deep-fried mac and cheese croquette burger in Japan. The crispy croquette rests on a bed of lettuce, is topped with a slice of cheese and a demi-glace (a rich glaze made from beef stock), and is sandwiched between two golden brown buns.

Unfortunately, you can't slyly hack this McDonald's sandwich in the States, where bacon macaroni and cheese is not yet a thing. But who says you can't try it at home?

If you now have an irreversible craving for grilled cheese, we've got a few solutions for you. Try it fried and dunkable with these fried grilled cheese bites, paired with ham and served on Hawaiian buns with this inside-out grilled cheese or turned into a grilled cheese bread bowl for smooth and tangy tomato soup.