Naughty Green' Burger In China

McDonald's Releases New, 'Naughty Green' Burger In China

Even if you don't play, it's likely that you've encountered the Angry Birds game before. Just in case you need a refresher, the objective of the game is to throw aggrieved-looking birds at poorly-built fortresses that are shielding conniving green pigs.

In celebration of the Angry Birds' movie release, McDonald's in China is releasing a new Angry Birds-themed food called a “Naughty Green Pork Burger” — and its buns are green, as you might have guessed.

While the media’s reception has been less-than-enthused, with some sources like Mashable comparing the burger’s aesthetic to “fresh mold,” the website That’s went ahead and taste-tested McDonald’s newest offer.

The verdict?

“The burger itself wasn’t half bad,” That’s reports. “It wasn’t as large, or as succulent as the advertisement made it appear, but then again they never are. The burger included a pork patty, an egg, lettuce, a mysterious sauce with a hint of jalapenos, and the notorious green buns.”

Additionally, McDonald’s China is offering a double chicken sandwich on red buns, fittingly called the “Angry Red Burger” to mark the release of the movie, reports Kotaku.

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