McDonald's Trusted

McDonald's Trusted The Internet To Make Its Own Burgers And It Was A Mistake (Photos)

The internet is not to be trusted, as has been learned by the British when its people voted to name a research ship Boaty McBoatface, or by Taylor Swift when the internet suggested she sing at a school for the deaf.

McDonald's New Zealand had not, however, been made aware of the internet's hilariously brutal ways when it decided to hold an online build-your-own-burger contest, according to Metro (photos below).

Lucky New Zealanders were invited by the restaurant to construct and then christen their burgers with a name. They could then save them on the website's front page for people to vote on their favorite and even generate a code to have their masterpiece made at a McDonald's. 

Things started off fairly respectably.

Giving away a stack of #CreateYourTaste combo vouchers ?? Hit the link in my bio ???? Look what I made on my phone while I was doing cardio this morning - "THE CHEATMEAL" burger in all it's glory ?????? What a sick idea #MakeBurgerHistory from @mcdonaldsnz ???? Almost hit 10k on Facebook so must be time for a few giveaways ?? #McDonalds #Balmoral #CreateYourTaste #Burger #BurgerLife #THECHEATMEAL #Cheesey #Bacon #Baecon??†#cheatmeal†#cheatday #foodporn†#realfoodz #lickyourphone†#aucklandeats†#aucklandfood†#aucklandfoodie #starvingfoodseeker†#foodchaser†#yougottaeatthis #dailyfoodfeed†#foodpornshare†#hungrybetches#feedyoursoull†#eatthis†#foodchasers†#eeeeeats #teamchomp #KingOfCheatMeals†????

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Cheat meal is RIGHT. It's honestly impressive that this guy was able to achieve such melty perfection in a McDonald's burger. You can even see the light shining into the cheese, almost as yellow as the golden arches themselves.

@mcdonalds FRYDAY #makeburgerhistory

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It looks like this virtual chef couldn't decide between breakfast and lunch, but there's some inventiveness to be admired about this protein-heavy burger. It could even be pulled apart from the egg and chicken layers to create two different open-faced sandwiches. Bravo, Fryday.

The rest of the internet wasn't as kind.

Here, we have every rabbit's dream. Kudos to this user for being strictly literal with the name of their creation. 

Things went swiftly farther downhill, or they got even more awesome, depending on your interpretation. People were really into making McDonald's run out of basic necessities from making one burger, for example.

It quickly got to the point where the McDonald's PR team probably didn't know how to handle the situation except by completely shutting the contest page down.

You can no longer view the DIY burgers on the McDonald's New Zealand page, but you can chuckle to yourself at the screenshots captured by Dorkly here.