Meet The Robot That Will Flip Your Burgers

Working at a greasy, hot grill can be hazardous to the health of grill cooks, and it's not because they're tempted to eat greasy foods all day. It's more about the potential for injuries and other slip-ups that can happen in the kitchen.

In an effort to curb kitchen accidents along with the increase in demand for burgers, Tech Crunch reports that Pasadena, California-based Miso Robotics has come out with a new kitchen assistant called "Flippy."

Flippy is a burger flipping robot, and works by using artificial intelligence and automation to solve the worst parts of restaurant and food prep work. No more cutting yourself while chopping onions, burning yourself on the grill or spilling hot grease everywhere. Ideally, this robot makes working in a kitchen much less hazardous.

Existing restaurants CaliBurger and Canyon Creek Capitol are reported to have helped fund this project. I guess restaurants are ready to jump on board. CaliBurger has already committed to using Flippy in 50 of its restaurants, starting in the Pasadena location.

Flippy looks like a relatively small wheeled cart. It has a robotic arm and a sensor bar, and can be installed next to or in front of any standard grill or fryer. Using data from its thermal sensors and cameras, it can perceive its environment and take orders.

Flippy basically puts the burgers onto the grill and monitors them until it's time to add toppings. The robot then alerts a human cook to step in, after which Flippy plates the burgers. Humans are needed to wrap burgers or add cold toppings, so they are still around, of course.

This robot can use detachable kitchen tools like tongs and scrapers to complete kitchen duties. It can even swap out its own tools! And it's not only regular burger patties that Flippy can cook; it can cook chicken, bacon and grilled onions, too. Basically, you can count on Flippy for most grill items.

The only problem I have with this whole experiment is that it may put human workers out of jobs. I guess there is always room for innovation in that sector as well, though.