Mentioning This Fruit Boosts Your Tinder Matches (Photo)

The key to finding and keeping a new love interest is tinder fruit. We're not talking about Fruit of the Loom underwear, edible arrangements or chocolate strawberries. It's avocados. Specifically, guacamole. According to a recent study by Zoosk, talking about America's favorite chip dip will make you more attractive. The study drew from more than 3.7 million dating profiles and their first messages to analyze the food to dating ratio, which indicates what foods are particularly successful at increasing incoming messages. 

Turns out, guacamole and potatoes are powerful love drugs, outranking the most quintessential aphrodisiac, chocolate. The study showed mentioning guacamole increased inbound messages by an astounding 144 percent. Zoosk's study also looked inversely and found that you can decrease your profile likability by 70 percent if you mention yams. (Maybe it subliminally has something to do with people writing, "I am who I am" on their About Me.) Considering how people are attributing millennial's lack of homeownership to their perpetual habit of pining for and dining on avocado toast, it comes as no surprise that guacamole ranks so high …. Everyone loves guacamole.

The study also revealed the way men and women look at certain dining locations for the first date. It found that 59 percent of women have a negative view when their date suggests a fast-food restaurant. Survey says: Women will think of you as cheap or unhealthy. On the flip side, if you're a man and a woman suggests a fast-food restaurant, the man will walk away thinking nothing wrong of it, or at the least, you're easy to please.

Single ladies and single gentlemen, take note. Sounding healthy and well-to-do doesn't exactly work either -- especially if you're pulling the Whole Foods line "Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?” from Netflix's "Master of None," coined iconically by adorably loveable comedian, Aziz Ansari. Survey says: the line's quirky brilliance lost its shine. If Zoosk's study taught us anything, it's that new love is not made up of all those touchy feelings. It's made of the sexiest fruit on Earth. And it's probably what you ate for Sunday brunch.