Mila Kunis Sparks Boycott Of Jim Beam (Video)

Pro-life advocates and Pence supporters are boycotting Jim Beam and it's not just the whiskey talking.

Actress and Jim Beam spokesperson Mila Kunis told Conan O'Brien on his Nov. 2 show that she makes monthly donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence's name as a "peaceful protest" against "some of the stuff that Pence was doing" (video below).

Before opening up about the donation, Kunis prefaced by saying "This is when a lot of hate mail comes my way. I apologize if I'm offending anybody." The former "That 70's Show" star clarified that it was "not so much a prank" as it was a disagreement of Pence's anti-abortion, pro-life platform that led her to offer donations in the vice president's name every month. After the interview appeared online, pro-lifers and Pence supporters took to Twitter to declare their #BoycottJimBeam campaign.

Twitter responses were no holds barred, raising a potentially problematic partnership with Kunis and one of America's most recognized whiskey-makers.

One Twitter user made it clear that he was turning his back on Jim Beam for the whiskey-makers' competitors: "Just dumped out my last-ever bottle of Jim Beam and upgraded to 2 new bottles of Blanton & Bulleitt. Here's to safe babies #BoycottJimBeam," he tweeted.

No-holds-barred tweets continued to ripple as some users claimed "@JimBeam supports murdering babies via their spokesperson Mila Kunis. #ProLife." One user claimed Jim Beam products vanished from liquor store shelves: "I think they took all the Jim Beam off the shelves here in Republican Utah. Please don't bother coming to Sundance this year Mila #BoycottBeam."

Kunis' ties with Jim Beam could pose complications, as liquor store owners held their version of "peaceful protest" by pulling the brand's products off their shelves in response to the spokesperson's comments on Conan's show.

Conservative political analyst and talk radio host Andrew Wilkow dropped into the Twitter discourse and noted what could be ahead for Kunis. "I bet @JimBeam is going to see a backlash here. Plus someone will probably donate to the @NRA in her name #MilaKunis," Wilkow tweeted.