M&M's Halloween Flavors Will Be Hitting Shelves Soon! (Photo)

Halloween is still a few months away, but it looks like Walmart and Target are already anxiously counting down the days until Mischief Night.

Both of these national retailers anticipate major holidays to reveal exclusive themed candy. And If you're anywhere near thinking about what kind of Halloween candy you'll be passing out to trick-or-treaters, you'll want to consider the first Halloween-centric flavors to hit Target's shelves: Cookies & Screeem M&M's.

The new flavor features a black candy coating with white chocolate speckling, vaguely resembling Post's old-school Oreo O's breakfast cereal. Within these speckled chocolate bits is white chocolate surrounded by an outer dark chocolate coating.

Although it is never mentioned on the package, the new flavor is said to be heavily inspired by the classic flavor of Oreos: chocolate cookie on the outside, cream on the inside. And the flavor is not far off the mark, right on Target (literally). If you want to try the new flavor out, there's only one place that is selling them right now: Target. And they are available now for $3 per 8- ounce bag, so look out for them in  the candle aisles.

Even though Halloween is barely visible along the horizon, I'm still excited about trying this new flavor out on other sweet treats before summer ends. And I don't know about you, but until the temperatures cool and the leaves fall, I'll be buying a couple bags of these for myself way before I start tossing them over to sticky-handed trick-or-treaters. Plus, Cookies and Cream ice cream topped with Cookies & Screeem M&M's. It's like two perfect wholes coming together to make one bad pun: I scream, you scream, we all Screeem for ice cream.

Aside from Screeeming M&M's, there's more chocolate flavors to come, as Mars (M&M's parent company) announced the launch of their new flavor called Triple Chocolate -- a trifecta of milk, dark and white chocolate! However, this triple decker flavor is not set to release until Valentine's Day 2018. JunkBanter posted on Instagram describing this new upcoming flavor as "spooky foreplay," so maybe the sweet stuff to come will all be worth the wait. But, for now M&M's flavors are keeping their chocolate layers double, double toil and trouble.