M&M's Is Already Gearing Up For Its New Fall Flavors!

Mars plans to release a limited-edition M&M's flavor that may appeal to Harry Potter fans everywhere.

BOO-tterscotch, the newest M&M’s flavor, combines "the scary good flavors of butterscotch and white chocolate for the perfect seasonal treat," a Mars rep told TIME.

A Delish correspondent wrote, "These white chocolate treats are infused with an intense butterscotch flavor, making them taste remarkably like the Harry Potter favorite, Butterbeer." (Delish created a homemade Butterbeer recipe with cream soda, butterscotch syrup, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and butter.)

Although there has been no reported official or unofficial connection to Harry Potter, the July 31 debut of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coincides nicely with this flavorful treat.

BOO-tterscotch is currently only available at M&M’s World, which is located in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, London, and Shanghai, but it will eventually be available at Target stores throughout the United States.

In addition to BOO-tterscotch, Pecan Pie, Candy Corn, and a new harvest edition of crispy S’mores M&M’s will also be available this fall. Pecan Pie will be sold exclusively at Walmart, and Candy Corn and S’mores will be available at most supermarkets.

However, reviews have been varied. While Pumpkin Spice Latte, which will reportedly not be available this year, was more successful than its Pumpkin Spice predecessor, other fall flavors have received mixed reviews.

"Coming as a delightful surprise, they taste exactly like a pumpkin spice latte in solid, shelled form ...," reported The Impulsive Buy. "Unlike the burning aftertaste of last year’s [Pumpkin Spice] M&M’s, the smooth pumpkin flavor here is seamlessly blended with the chocolate and hits fast."

"[Pecan Pie M&M’s are] hyper sweet, bitter in aftertaste, and lack the qualities I look for in pecan pie (caramelized sugar, pecans, etc.)," wrote The Impulsive Buy in a review. "What emulsion of natural flavoring has shaken the identity of the cacao bean so that it tastes so obscure? How, dear confectionary world, did Pecan Pie become this?"

Regarding the Candy Corn flavor, a reviewer at Candy blog wrote, "Ultimately though I didn’t feel like they rose to the level of an actual Candy Corn flavored candy. Still, they’re nice, and for white chocolate fans who have so few choices for real cocoa butter white chocolate, you might be pleased."

Will BOO-tterscotch be a hit? Only time will tell.