M&M's Is Already Promoting Its Pumpkin Pie Flavor (Photo)

Look, I'm a huge fan of autumn; it is by far my favorite season. I love the foliage (yes, foliage … I live in the Northeast, after all), the weather, the colors, the scents, and of course the seasonal flavors. I'm your girl if you want to try out a new Pumpkin Spice-flavored candy or novelty dish.

But this, even for me, is a little too soon. The weather has just cleared up; it's finally sunny outside. Ice cream truck bells are clanging, children are playing outside again, and I finally don't dread going outside without nine layers on.

I'm thinking about snow cones and refreshing treats; M&M's, however, is apparently already trying to push their Pumpkin Spice flavor upon the masses in a super early effort to promote their Halloween flavor lineup!

Are you kidding me?

Thanks to the Instagram account Candy Hunting, it's confirmed: M&M's is being a little extra right now with its advertising.

"New Pumpkin Pie M&M's will be out for Halloween! They are already for sale on candywarehouse.com. One bag with shipping is $19. Next week, I'll find out if the M&M's are worth that outrageous price."

No, they most certainly are not worth that outrageous price. Who in their right mind is stocking up on Halloween treats now? We're all supposed to be slathering on the sunscreen and sampling all the new iced coffee varieties the different chains are pumping out.

What about the new Apple Pie Oreos? And all of the Fourth of July hoopla that is sure to sweep food retailers in the coming months?

Come on, people. I urge you to eat seasonally and focus on all the Pumpkin Spice stuff when the time comes, in the autumn.

For now can we all just put our excitement for the new M&M's on the back burner and actually allow ourselves to enjoy the summer harvest before global warming ruins it all for us in the future?