Another US resident accidentally packed cat food instead of tuna for this lunchbox 

Mom Accidentally Packed Booze For 5-Year-Old

Innocent mistakes happen every day, right? Alcohol brands like Smirnoff Vodka are coming up with fun new ways to enjoy single-serve frozen drinks, even making them sweet and fruity like juice. I guess this mom figured out the hard way that these drinks can be very easily confused with the innocent frozen juice packs that are safe for children. Eek!

Metro News reports that one mom in Queensland, Australia, instructed her 5-year-old to grab a frozen juice box from the freezer for her lunch, and the young girl mistakenly grabbed a frozen raspberry Smirnoff sorbet. When she posted her "EPIC lunchbox fail" to social media, the mother was able to laugh at the innocent mistake:

This mum accidentally sent her kid to school with vodka for lunch instead of juice

The mother said she realized the mistake when she got a call from the school, but that the staff was in good humor about it. "They were very good about it lol. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf). I [apologized] for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed, thankfully."

These types of things happen. It's just very fortunate that this mistake was caught before the 5-year-old had a chance to drink the "juice."

Something similar happened once when one girl's mother packed a Four Loko into her lunch. Yuck!

According to the Daily Mail, one U.S. resident accidentally packed cat food into a student's lunchbox rather than a can of tuna, as was intended.

Another US resident accidentally packed cat food instead of tuna for this lunchbox 

The Queensland mom who made the Smirnoff mistake should rest easy knowing that this kind of thing happens to the best of parents, after many took to social media to share their own lunchbox fails. At least it all ended well, and in good fun!