More Restaurants Are Giving Your Dogs Their Very Own Menu

Restaurants throughout the world are expanding their menus to accommodate man's best friend.

Steve Martin, head chef of Saint Luke's bar and kitchen, The Winged Ox, in Glasgow, Scotland, has always provided homemade, healthy meals to his four-year-old Shih Tzu, Millie.

"I don’t actually give [Millie] dog food," Martin explained to STV News. "I actually cook for my dog, being a chef … All the dishes that are on that menu are favorites of my dog."

These recipes, plus the desire to help his fellow animal lovers, led Martin to create an official menu just for dogs at Saint Luke’s.

"I heard someone say they wanted to stay for a meal and a pint, but had to go home because they needed to feed the dog," Martin said. "So I said I would feed them. I gave the dog a portion of chicken and rice and by the end of the meal, the owner was asking for a small bowl of ice cream."

The menu, which consists largely of fresh meats and vegetables, offers a variety of dog meals for an average of about four dollars.

"I've studied the diets of dogs big and small and tried out all the recipes at home with Millie," Martin said. "Rice is great for dogs so long as you bake it, I use poached chicken and minimal seasoning as smaller dogs can often have stomach problems."

Martin’s creations have been a big hit, as customers have often made the trip just to enjoy a meal with their pets. The venue has even received a request for a dog-friendly birthday cake.

"We get all sorts of dogs down here, we even had a woman from Irvine come down just to feed her dog," Martin said.

"This looks [like] a better menu than that offered in pubs for two legged people!" Trevor Deprez said on the STV News Facebook page.

On a typical Sunday, the restaurant serves about 15 to 20 dog meals.

"Anyone is welcome here and can feel safe and secure," said General Manager David Brown. "We get all kinds of dogs in here from Lhasa Apsos to Great Danes and the atmosphere is great."

"Brilliant somewhere else a whole family can go and not have to leave our dogs at home or have to sit outside," wrote customer Lynda Cameron.