Most Underrated Fast Food Items

Most Underrated Fast Food Items

Fast food will usually hold importance to your heart. Here are is the list of 10 most underrated fast food.  

Burger King - Chicken Fries

Most Underrated Fast Food Items Remember the chicken fry? I mean, how could you forget? Crispy, tender and full of protein (so actually, this could be healthy?)  

Arby’s - Loaded Curly Fries

Most Underrated Fast Food Items Sure, curly fries are a staple… but what about the loaded curly fries? This packs a punch and puts In-N-Out’s animal fries to shame. You have the infamous salted fries, cheese sauce, bacon and creamy ranch - what else could you possibly need? We’ll answer that for you - absolutely nothing.  

Culver’s - Cheese Curds

Most Underrated Fast Food Items Not only is Culver’s fine dining in the fast food world (for real, they bring the food to your table after you order) but their versatile menu was crafted by the fried food angels. One thing that deserves recognition, outside of the butterburger, is the cheese curds. Not only that, but you are given a variety of Wisconsin mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  

McDonald’s - McChicken

Most Underrated Fast Food Items This is the epitome of a chicken sandwich. Crispy chicken, shredded lettuce, drizzled with mayo that is gently placed in a lightly toasted bun... are you drooling yet?  

Jack in the Box - Loaded Tiny Tacos

Most Underrated Fast Food Items This made the list because anything miniature is instantly better. Top it with layers of cheesy and saucy goodness, that is the cherrie (or, uh, pico) on top.  

Taco Bell - Crunchwrap Supreme

Most Underrated Fast Food Items Each layer is crafted with love. The perfectly seasoned beef, soothing sour cream, ripe tomatoes, slight crunch of lettuce followed by a drizzle of nacho cheese is what dreams are made of. Not to mention, this is a mess-free version of the taco. Spill-ege is no longer happening, allowing you to savor all bits and pieces of this glorious masterpiece.   Images Source: