Mother Confronts Manager After McDonald's Over Comments About Her Daughter

A mother was livid after learning her teenage daughter was reportedly referred to as a “fat woman” by a McDonald’s employee.

Corrina Hopkinson, 16, was sent to McDonald’s in Shoreham, East Sussex, by her mother, Sabrina, on Dec. 30, 2015, to buy food for her little brother, Jack, and her two little sisters, reported.

Corrina ordered six cheeseburgers and four fries for her family. That’s when the clerk behind the counter shouted to the kitchen: “Six cheeseburgers. I'm not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers.”

Corrina reportedly explained that the burgers were not just for her, but the other staff members laughed at her, Sabrina said. The girl then left and told her mom what happened.

(Corrina Hopkinson and her mom Sabrina. Photo Credit: SWNS via

“Normally we have home-cooked meals, but once in awhile I let them have a treat,” Sabrina, who used to work at McDonald’s, told “I have a problem getting Jack to eat so when he says he wants something, I let him have it because of the way he is with food.

“He got given [$7] from his grandma for Christmas so I said he could go to McDonald's.

“I gave my daughter some money and said they could go down and get a few burgers because it was the holidays.I don't think six burgers for four people is over the top."

Sabrina wasted no time and marched over to the McDonald’s to confront the manager about the incident.

“My daughter gets embarrassed and upset and doesn't speak up for herself, so being a protective mother, I went down there and let rip,” Sabrina explained. “The manager kept apologizing but she wouldn't let me speak to the girl who had said it, even though I knew she was hiding around the back.”

Sabrina said her partner also paid a visit to the McDonald’s that same day and said he wanted something done about the incident, but the manager called the police on him.

“He couldn't believe it," Sabrina added. "The manager just called the police. It was nothing. My partner ended up shaking hands with the policeman.”

A McDonald’s representative denied that the incident ever occurred, but a representative from the Sussex Police Department confirmed that they were called to the restaurant that day. The police representative said it was a civil dispute and not a police matter.