Mrs. Field's New Cookie Is A Giant Dream Come True (Photo)

Mrs. Field's New Cookie Is A Giant Dream Come True (Photo)

Derailing your shopping plans -- and often, your diet -- to pick up a handful of cookies from the Mrs. Fields stands at the mall is a uniquely satisfying experience. But if, like most of us, you usually find yourself polishing off each cookie in two bites, you might be happy to hear that you can now get a huge cookie that's sure to satiate you.

Called the Mega Cookie, the 5.5-ounce chocolate chip creation, which debuted on Nov.1, is approximately three times bigger than the classic version, according to a press release published by QSR. 

"The Mega Cookie is dramatically different from our other classic treats -- it's big, bold, and incredibly decadent," Mrs. Fields CEO Dustin Lyman said, reports QSR. "It's our 40th Anniversary and we're celebrating the milestone with a super-sized cookie experience just in time for the holidays."

Mrs. Field's New Cookie

If you are shamelessly hungry or want to share with friends, you can get a free Mega Cookie when you purchase three of them for about $3.99 each. Pretty sweet!

At 4 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches tall, The Mega Cookie is undeniably thick and reportedly has a soft exterior not unlike a brownie, which the tasters over at Delish confirmed.

Even so, they also noted that "it might be a little crunchy for your liking overall," should you prefer your cookies on the gooey side, "though that could change when you buy it fresh from a Mrs. Fields' oven," they added.

The cookie also is packed with semi-sweet chocolate chips, giving it that much extra ooziness. If you catch yourself eyeing the giant cookie cakes every time you walk by, this is the (much more dignified) cookie for you.

Hurry and get it while you can. QSR notes that the super-sized cookie isn't likely to stick around past the new year.