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National Donut Day: 5 Freebies And 6 Recipes

Happy National Donut Day!

June 2 is a very special day indeed, and you should totally celebrate it by eating as many donuts as you possibly can. 

And that venture, my friends, is exactly what I can help you with.

Did you know you can score a bunch of freebies today? Check out some of the nation's best donut deals:

Duck Donuts: With any purchase, get a free made-to-order donut of your choice. Any receipt you get from the day will also come with a BOGO half dozen coupon.

Dunkin' Donuts: Buy any beverage and get a free classic donut of your choice.

Entenmann's: Click here and enter an Entenmann's contest to win free donuts for a whole year! Plus, for every entry, Feeding America will receive $1, so it's a double win.

Krispy Kreme: At participating locations, you can get a free donut of your choice, no strings attached.

Tim Hortons: Buy a coffee and mention National Donut Day, and you'll get a free classic donut at participating locations.

Want to see more deals from the best donut chains in America? Click here for the full rundown.

Would you rather make your own donuts? Here are some outstanding yet easy recipes to celebrate the day:

1. Easy Homemade Glazed Donut Holes

If you want a quick donut recipe, it doesn't get much easier than this. You can make donut rings too, but it is way faster to just roll your dough into little balls and be done with it. Want something even simpler? Try #2:

2. Cheater Biscuit Doughnuts

Biscuit Doughnuts

These two-ingredient pastries are the simplest you'll ever make! They taste a little denser and more savory than your average yeast donuts, but they are still delicious and will absolutely kill that donut craving.

3. Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts

These brightly flavorful donuts are slightly "healthier" than the fried variety, and avoiding a vat of hot oil cuts down on the mess, too. But if you'd prefer, there's no reason you can't dump them in boiling oil.

4. Quick Jelly Donuts

This version uses the quick canned biscuit dough approach, although you are more than welcome to make your own dough from scratch if that's more your style.

5. Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Donuts

In about 40 minutes, you can have these moist, cinnamon sugar-coated yeast donuts topped with a dot of raspberry jam and crammed full of sweet cream cheese filling. You can have them all to yourself.

6. Donut Bread Pudding

OK, not exactly making donuts from scratch, but if you happen to make or buy too many, this bread pudding is absolutely the perfect way to bring new life to a stale day-old dozen. There's just one catch: you have to invite me over if you make this.