Never Miss Out On A McFlurry Again With This New App

If I wasn't convinced that true McDonald's fans were the most dedicated and industrious out of all of the fast food chain fan clubs out there, I am now.

By now, most people have experienced the heartbreak of going to a McDonald's restaurant and ordering a McFlurry or any flavor, only to be informed that -- once again -- the McFlurry machine is broken.

There's just something so satisfying about McFlurries, so the disappointment is crushing when you can't fulfill your craving for one.

McDonald's is aware that this is an issue, and is actively working on installing new, more efficient McFlurry machines that are easier to clean and less prone to breaking down. But in the meantime, somebody has developed a brand new app that basically allows you to check in with your local McDonald's to ensure the McFlurry machines are up and running before you trek out to order one.

Anything for the McFlurry!

The new app is called Ice Check, and basically just accumulates consumer input to allow users to know whether or not their specified McDonald's has a working McFlurry machine.

Pretty cool, no?

Additionally, the app has reached out to McDonald's, and participating locations are also going to begin inputting data so you'll know whether you can get your favorite frozen treat straight from the source.

"Ice Check is the only way to outsmart McDonald's unreliable ice cream machines and find out if they are ON or OFF before you get on line. Our real-time status updates save  time, energy, and frustration...and offer you some sweet deals, too. We're taking the guesswork out of your McDonald's ice cream cravings. Pretty sweet, right?" the website for the app promises.

Beginning on April 14, you can download the app from the App Store. Hopefully, Ice Check will truly follow through for you if the craving for a McFlurry hits, and its intel won't let you down.

Will you be downloading the new app? Or will you continue hedging your bets when you decide to try and go get yourself a McFlurry?