New Eggo Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes are Here!

New Eggo Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes are Here!

We’re fully embracing the holiday flavors over here, and Eggo just made all of our wintery breakfast dreams come true with the announcement that Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes have hit the shelves!

Featuring a holiday flavor party in every bite, you can expect all the familiar tastes of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and what’s even better is that this spiced goodness is just a few seconds in the microwave away - these beauties come already baked, so all you need to do is warm them up and pair them with a good syrup or some frosting! Each box comes with eight pancakes, so we recommend grabbing a few so you can make sure to have enough for the frosty mornings approaching.

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Now for the bad news - these fluffy confections are only around for a limited time, and the holidays are coming up fast! Kellog has thoughtfully provided a tool on their website for finding them at stores near you, so we suggest hopping over to your nearest location and stocking up for the holiday breakfast we’ve all been waiting for.