Newest Korean Pizza Craze Erupts Into Flames At Your Table (Video)

Do you enjoy seeing a delicious meal cooked right in front of you? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to flambe a pizza? Well, an Italian restaurant in South Korea has taken a beloved dish to a whole new level (video below).

At The Place in Seoul, South Korea, customers are lining up to try “The Bomb,” a pizza that erupts into flames as you look on.

The dish consists of a pizza covered with a dome made of dough dyed with pink ink or black squid ink, for a dramatic effect. Waiters bring the giant sphere to your table with a mostly uncooked pizza inside. Oil is poured on top of the dome, which is flambed until the oil burns out. Once the fire has died down, the waiters use scissors to cut away the dome to reveal a piping hot pizza, complete with gooey cheese and freshly cooked toppings.

As seen in various videos capturing this unconventional culinary method, the process does not take very long.

According to The Metro, this technique melts the cheese and cooks the toppings very quickly. The base is cooked before the pizza bomb is brought to your table, so after the dome is lit up, your pizza is piping hot and ready to enjoy. Take a look below!