Nicole Kidman And Ellen Fail Hilariously At Cooking (Video)

Sometimes it seems like celebrities just know how to do everything, and that they know how to do it better than us (video below).

Prepare for that false illusion to be hilariously shattered.

When celebrity chef and Food Network Star Giada De Laurentiis appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," it was with the intention to teach Nicole Kidman and host Ellen DeGeneres how to prepare a delicious vegan artichoke arancini, along with focaccia with clementine and fennel.

However, the task proved near impossible, as Kidman and DeGeneres simply could not stop laughing as De Laurentiis tried her darnedest to show them the culinary ropes.

While the entire clip is worth watching (their antics will definitely get at least a laugh or two out of you), the best part comes at the end when it's time to conduct the taste test.

Kidman and DeGeneres are not kind, but they are silly!

Essentially, the two women do not hold back on giving their opinions about the cold food that they assume has been left out for a handful of hours.

But don't despair, Giada De Laurentiis fans. The highly acclaimed Italian chef mentioned on air to Ellen that she will be opening up a new restaurant in Las Vegas at the well-known Caesars Palace, just like Gordon Ramsay is slated to do.

Also, she might have her sights set on launching a new restaurant somewhere on the East Coast!

Watch the funny video here: