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Nine Incredible Appetizer Platters That Are Better Than The Entree

There are many wonderful things to be said about appetizer platters. Or antipasto plates. Or cheese boards. Whatever you call them, they're delicious, they're beautiful, and they're often better than the main meal.

Become the talk of the town and serve one of these awesomely customizable platters at your next dinner party for many reasons.

1) They'll give your guests something to do while you're undoubtedly still stressing in the kitchen.

2) With tons of variation in taste and texture, these platters are sure to have something for everyone.

3) Nothing feels classier than holding a glass of wine in one hand and a brie-topped piece of baguette in the other. Nothing.

4) All you have to do is unwrap things and arrange them on a plate. The hardest part is not eating so much that you're full before dinner.

Now, let's get crackin'.

1. Greek-Inspired Antipasto Platter

Have you ever seen so much color on a single plate? Get your Greek on with marinated artichokes, peppers stuffed with goat cheese and plenty of sun-dried tomatoes. Don't forget to provide a healthy amount of pita bread for dipping.

2. Grilled Vegetable Antipasto Platter With White Bean Puree And Chevre

Slice up some veggies and a baguette, brush 'em with plenty of rosemary and olive oil, give them a good char on the grill and enjoy with plenty of tangy goat cheese and mild white bean puree. Bliss.

3. Bruschetta Bar

Bring the party to life with this bruschetta board, freshened up with additions of sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions. We can smell it already.

4. Prosciutto Burrata Asparagus Salad

Because the best kind of salad can be eaten with your hands. This one's got just a few ingredients and a whole lot of flavor.

5. Bruschetta, Indian Style

Serving Indian food but want to start with bruschetta? Your wish is our command. This version has tasty paneer and mint-cilantro chutney.

6. Spanish Antipasto Platter

Take the squad down to flavor town with tasty Spanish delights like chorizo, Manchego, and Marcona almonds.

7. Southern Antipasto Platter

Honey ham, pickled okra, green tomatoes and pepper jack cheese. Does it get more wonderfully Southern than that? (Click on the photo of the adorable Neely chefs to get the Food Network recipe.)

8. Cheese and Nut Board

This recipe highlights the best part about a cheese board: the cheese. Plus chocolate. Drooling.

9. The Ultimate Appetizer Board

Do as the Italians do: Eat better than everyone else. This board is heavy on the meat, heavy on the cheese, and heavy on the heaven.