No, Really: Oreo's Latest Flavor Is Swedish Fish, And It's Available Now

Here we go again!

If you thought that after unleashing Fruity Crisps, Choco Chip, Blueberry Pie, Cinnamon Bun, and a panoply of other innovative flavors, Oreo would be done for the summer -- well, you’d be wrong. But honestly, you might wish you were right.

According to Thrillist, an Oreo spokesperson confirmed by phone on August 9 that a new Oreo flavor is now available for a limited time in Kroger grocery stores. So prepare yourself for Oreo’s latest invention: Swedish Fish Oreos.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Oreo has partnered with a popular candy: Reese’s Cup Oreos are a well-liked Oreo variety, but somehow that pairing just seems more natural. Both the standard Oreo cookie and Reese’s Cup involve a creamy center sandwiched between chocolate.

Swedish Fish, on the other hand, are bright red gummies with no certified flavor at all -- people in the past have described them as tasting like cherries, lingonberries, syrup, and more.

If you’re curious as to how the combination has been working for others, you’re in luck: The Impulsive Buy (who is self-described as a “gummy-ologist”) has reviewed the mash-up, and the verdict? Less than sensational.

“See, this creme isn’t perfectly pillowy, soft, and squishy. It’s a little more sticky, chewy, and dare I say…slimy,” reads the review.

“The creme’s taste, though, is just like Swedish Fish," the review adds. "It has potent, puckering pops of candied cherry and a slightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin. … I can’t say if it’s more pleasant, though. Eating the cookie and creme together, I can really only taste the overpowering cherry creme. There’s a processed chocolate aftertaste, but even then, it has to battle for supremacy with the cherry cough syrup layer that the creme plastered on the back of my throat.”

If you’re still interested in trying the perplexing concoction for yourself, you can grab $2.99 and head over to a Kroger store for a limited time. If you’re willing to shell out a larger sum of cash, however (and don’t have a Kroger store near you), search eBay: a number of people are offering the cookies online.