Charms Cereal Marshmallows

Nothing Else Matters Because You Can Now Buy Bags Of Lucky Charms Marshmallows Online

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, you can now buy Lucky Charms-esque marshmallows on the Internet, for Medley Hills Farms knows what the people want.

One-pound bags of brightly colored "Cereal Charms Marshmallows" are available on Amazon for around $10, Prime included. There are about 15 full servings per resealable bag.

They've been dubbed "phenomenal." "Unreal." "Amazing." "The stuff of dreams." Yes, we are indeed still talking about marshmallows, not a Steven Spielberg movie.

They even arrive "fresh and uncrushed," one satisifed Amazon user wrote.

The dehydrated sugar bombs resemble vague blobs more than the classic Lucky Charms shapes, but another Amazon customer -- for whom buying the snack was "one of the best decisions" of her life -- said the charms were still aesthetically pleasing.

Reviewers were also spot-on with recipe ideas. Several enjoy sprinkling the marshmallows over ice cream or into trail mix. Others add them to Rice Krispies treats or to other cereals lacking in the sugar department. One creative gift giver said she plans to add the marshmallows to her go-to Christmas gift of hot chocolate and personalized mugs.

At 25 grams of sugar per serving, the treats had people feeling the effects of sweetness overload.

"Unfortunately I won't be ordering them again for a while. I'm just now coming down off my 3 week sugar high and the bag only lasted me 4 days," one customer wrote about the "little nuggets of magic."

Others chose to embrace the sugar.

"DIABEETUS....but amazing," wrote one couple. "My journey to diabetes is complete and I couldn't be happier."

Someone might have been slipping into an actual sugar-induced coma while writing their review: "Tastes good mmm oh yeah worth it I bought express shiping just to taste it melting sizzling in my buds as soon as possible and sure wass ohh myyy mmm gonna get me some more as we speak."

It is clear, based on reviews, that this product has changed lives.

"Cheaper than divorce," wrote a satisfied reviewer. "This saved our marriage."

What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Snag your own bag now.

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