O My! Oreo O's Cereal Is Coming Back!

Let's be real. The '90s were a golden age. 

If you're a '90s kid, you had the privilege of growing up with Blockbuster movies, HitClips, and the best cartoons ever to grace the screens of Nickelodeon ("Hey Arnold!" anyone?).

Not to mention '90s foods. In the '90s, lunchboxes were rife with Fruit Roll-Ups, Pop Rocks and Toaster Strudels, and few had a problem with it. 

And who could forget '90s cereals: Cookie Crisp, French Toast Crunch, Rice Krispies Treats, and a plethora of less known but equally fun boxes.

Good news for all of you nostalgic ‘90s food lovers out there. Now, one of your favorite '90s cereals is coming back. Possibly for good.

I'm talking about Oreo O's, folks. 

For 10 long years, only South Koreans could indulge in the Oreo-flavored, chocolate-oat, creme-coated cereal. Oh, and people who had boxes shipped to them from South Korea through eBay. 

What’s the story behind this? Oreo O's were launched in 1998, but in 2007 were discontinued everywhere besides South Korea. 

All well and good for the South Koreans, but some ‘90s kids here at home were wishing they too could enjoy their favorite breakfast cereal once again.  

And their day has come. Now, you won’t have to pay over $200 dollars on eBay or smuggle food out of South Korea to indulge in the delicious cereal. 

In May, Post Cereals announced that it is bringing Oreo O's back to the U.S. indefinitely. That's right. Possibly until the end of time.

They'll be available in food stores everywhere this June, according to Delish. The boxes will sell for $3.98 in the U.S., a spokesperson for Post Consumer Brands told TODAY.

Unlike the South Korean version, the U.S. Oreo O’s won’t contain little marshmallow pieces. O well. You win some, you lose some.

Still, imagine the sweet nostalgia of digging into a bowl of those crunchy, chocolate O’s with Oreo cookie bits. If you ate them growing up, it may transport you to a simpler time.

I never actually had them as a child, so I’ll definitely be trying a box when they come out. Will you?