Of Course Beyonce's Birthday Cake Was Stunning! (Photos)

If you thought your sparkly birthday cake was rockin', I regret to inform you that like most things in life, it probably doesn't even come close to matching up to Beyonce's.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but if you didn't drop thousands of dollars on a geode-themed black and yellow cake, then your extravagant birthday party might only be in second place when it comes to aesthetics.

To ring in her 36th birthday in a big way, the legendary singer enjoyed a celebration during the Made in America festival in Philadelphia on Sept. 3, according to Page Six.

Cake Life Bake Shop, an establishment not far from the festival, took at least $3,500 from the star's people for the sugary masterpiece -- and that's just judging from the lowest price that they charge for geode cakes.

"It was pretty amazing," the shop's co-owner, Lily Fischer, told Philly Mag. "Everyone here knows that I love Beyonce … pretty much the whole week we just blasted Beyonce."

Check it out:


Fischer and head chef Rebecca Craig cranked out the three tiers of honey lavender-flavored cake decorated with edible sugar crystals, accompanied by beehive-shaped cookies and golden crowns modeled after the pop queen's 2017 Grammy performance.

"We wanted to keep it classy and cool," added Fischer, who said she hopes they "get to do it again" next year if Beyonce is in town for 37. "Everything was Queen Bey-ified, if you will."


Fischer told Page Six that making the iconic cake "is a two-day process," not to mention the brainstorming and designing they needed to do for their high-profile customer. Ultimately, Fischer and her team relied on their Beyonce fanhood to craft the masterpiece, since they only received vague instructions from Bey's people.

"The caller asked for various items and then specifically black-and-yellow-colored items, including a black and yellow geode-themed cake," a source told Page Six, noting that they ordered a number of cakes and cookies that included the sparkly centerpiece.

One thing's for sure: Bey does birthdays right.