One In Four Take-Out Pizzas Made With Fake Ingredients

You might want to sit down before you read this.

I know the world is a confusing place right now, and we all need something we can rely on. For a long time, you probably thought that in the midst of all your confusion and uncertainty, at least pizza was there for you: constant, honest, and pure.

But you thought wrong.

Per Metro, new tests on independent takeaway restaurants have shockingly found that around 25 percent of takeaway pizzas aren’t what they claim to be -- they are topped with fake ingredients.

I know, I know; I’m disappointed in pizza too.

The tests analyzed 40 different take-out pizzas and concluded that one in four was topped with non-dairy fat and oil instead of real cheese.

Good news for vegans, sure, but come on Pizza: This is why we have trust issues!

Additionally, even if you did manage to get an actual cheese-cheese pizza, they were often found to be made with a high proportion of cheaper cheddar instead of the proclaimed mozzarella.

Hawaiian pizza lovers, the lies don’t end there: That ham you thought you were eating is often just cured turkey shaped like ham in disguise.

And let’s not even get started on pepperoni often being found to be just sliced beef or chicken.

On the plus side, if you’ve been chowing down on super cheap to-go pizzas happily for the past few years, with no gastronomical problems to date, then you can continue doing so just fine.

For the rest of you who feel deeply betrayed, we suggest you either shell out a few extra dollars for some quality pizza, or ask your preferred restaurant exactly what ingredients are going into your meal.