Oprah Is Launching Her Own Food Line, And We're Excited (Photos)

Oprah Is Launching Her Own Food Line, And We're Excited (Photos)

Oprah Winfrey is launching her own refrigerated food line, and I'm starting to wonder if there truly is anything on this planet that she can't do.

For $4.49-$4.99, you can snag a pre-made package from O, That's Good!, which of course is the name of her line, according to a press release from Business Wire. The products are in limited release at some grocery stores but should pop out nationwide in October 2017.

Oh, and because Oprah is a magical philanthropist, 10 percent of the line's profits will go toward hunger-fighting charities like Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America.

The line is starting off with four soups and four sides meant to be healthy spins on comfort food (free of artificial additives) like three cheese pasta and garlic mashed potatoes. By using some creative substitutions, such as adding pureed cauliflower to the mashed potatoes and swapping out some of the cheese in the broccoli cheddar soup for butternut squash, Oprah is hoping to make healthy eating as easy as can be.

"I love healthy foods and eating from my garden," she said, according to Business Wire. "When Kraft Heinz approached me for a food line, what got my attention is making nutritious comfort foods more accessible to everyone. This product line is real, delicious food with a twist. You'll feel good about serving it for your family."

As Delish notes, Oprah has been a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and frequently speaks publicly about her many weight loss journeys she has taken over the years.

The motivation for the new food line, said Nina Barton, SVP of Marketing, Innovation and Research and Development for the U.S. business at Kraft Heinz, is to "drive excitement … with convenient soups and sides made with real ingredients and easy preparation" in the refrigerated section, a department that she said has been thriving, notes Business Wire.

"We are thrilled to bring our collective vision to life with O, That's Good! Soups and Sides," Barton said. "With Oprah's partnership, we're delivering unbeatable taste and quality that is sure to please everyone at the table."