Order A Goblet Of Fire At This 'Harry Potter' Cafe (Photo)

Sure, we "Harry Potter" fans have Wizarding World at Universal Studios and such to keep us pleasantly occupied in our ongoing fandom. But couldn't there always be more?

According to Hello Giggles, there is more! There is now a "Harry Potter" cafe in Singapore called Platform 1094 (according to its address) that serves Harry Potter-themed dishes. Among those, the Goblet of Fire has seemingly become an instant hit. The drink is actually blue, and is served in a big goblet. It's made with Bacardi rum infused with blue Curacao liqueur and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top to add the highly necessary flare.

The idea of such a cafe comes from the people of Fresh Fruit Labs, who, according to Travelers Today, call themselves "elves." The dishes served are of a Singaporean nature, but with a Harry Potter-themed twist. Some of the menu items include Crab Claw & Roe Tortilla Wrap, Giant's Breakfast, Grilled Chicken Tortilla and Plaited Brioche with Smoked Salmon. The more magically themed drinks and dishes include Liquid Luck Pineapple, Truffle Wizard's Cup, Elixir of Life and Bloodberry Dessert.

When walking inside this cafe, you'll see a cabin-themed interior with stags on each chair to represent Harry's patronus. Chandeliers, magic wands and witch-hat props complete the magical decor. Apparently, the cafe management suggests that Platform 1094 is only available to magic-users. Those who do not possess the gift are unable to see it, thanks to a magical aura of protection placed over it. It seems more of us are likely to have the gift than we originally might have thought. How convenient!

Head over to this quirky new spot right away, if you can, if only to sample that amazing-looking Goblet of Fire drink. Who knew that adding cinnamon -- I mean, magic powder -- to such a combination would start a fire? The entire restaurant looks spectacular, but according to its Facebook page, Platform 1094 gets booked pretty quickly. If you plan on being in Singapore anytime soon, I'd suggest calling way ahead.