Oreo And Milka Team Up For Mint Candy Bars! (Photo)

When Oreo and Milka teamed up last year to bring us two instant classic chocolate bars, "Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar" and "Milka Oreo Big Crunch Bar," we didn't think it could get any better than that. But, lo and behold, they have excited our sweet tooths to new sweet extremes. According to Instagram foodie, junkbanter, the new "Milka Mint Oreo Chocolate" candy bar has hit WaWa shelves across the country!

Milka, the popular European chocolate brand known for its "World's Best Milka Chocolate" bar brings creamy, milky chocolate expertise to the table, while Oreo brings its eponymous chocolate wafer-style to raise the mint chocolate bar standard for good. Which is no easy feat.

In the candy world, mint and chocolate are an inseparable duo, but have had their fair share of warfare; sometimes mint overpowers chocolate with a potent, medicinal-like zing and other times, it's hardly there at all, hiding in the decadent shadows of chocolate.

But Milka and Oreo got it just right. Junkbanter notes the new Mint Oreo flavor bar adds just enough mint so that it "doesn't overpower" and "highlights [Milka's] high-quality milk chocolate." The number of mint chocolate flavors done right in chocolate bars is few and far between, but the "creamy chocolate and smooth mint blend seamlessly, right down the middle for balance" restores mint chocolate's reputation for being, at times, too minty or not minty enough.

It's about time someone got the mint chocolate flavors down the right way! The new Mint Oreo bar features "delicious bits of Oreo Cookie mixed in smooth, mint flavored creme filling and coated in European Milka chocolate candy," according to the package. Cosmopolitan excitedly pointed out that "it's basically a Thin Mint in the form of a chocolate candy bar with Oreo crunches (!!!)," which gave me the idea that they would be amazing if they were put in the freezer before eating!

Do some of your own taste testing -- figure out if Milka and Oreo did justice to the mint and chocolate pair. "Milka Mint Oreo Chocolate" bars are currently available nationwide and come in two sizes (regular bar, $0.98, king-sized $1.69). You can find them at WaWa, but they've been spotted in candy aisles at CVS and Kroger, too.