Oreo Has Released A New, Yummy Sounding Ice Cream (Photo)

Summer is coming, and that means more ice cream treats for you and me. The best part? You can now get Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches.

Metro reports that the new ice cream sandwiches can be found on the shelves of most major supermarkets. They feature peanut butter ice cream infused with crumbles of Oreo cookie and sandwiched between two bigger Oreo cookies.

Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwich was bloody yum!! 6 syns each & so worth it!

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I guess they hit us with this tempting new treat just in time, since we've all been in that peanut butter-chocolate mood since Easter. When is a peanut butter chocolate egg really enough, anyway?

According to Heat World, Oreo's peanut butter flavor for the regular (non-frozen) cookie has been around since 2015. That means Oreo already knows how much we love the combination of their classic cookie with peanut butter. Some of us even used to dip the regular vanilla kind into peanut butter as we ate them. Now, we don't have to! These new ice cream sandwiches can be bought in separate packages, or in packages of six. Who can really eat just one?

It might be fun to see what you can do with these sandwiches in the form of recipes, as well. We all know that chocolate and peanut butter pies, and Oreo pies, are all the rage. What about an Oreo peanut butter chocolate ice cream pie? That would be the perfect pool (or birthday) party crowd-pleaser. Just think of all the possibilities!

If peanut butter isn't your thing, don't worry. There are still Oreo-flavored Klondike Bars for your fulfillment. Vanilla ice cream is blended with Oreo cookie pieces and covered in a chocolate candy shell, the Klondike way. Grab it in a six pack from your local grocery store. Hey, why not even try that in ice cream cake form?

While the Easter candy is still out (and on sale for pretty cheap), go ahead and snag yourself some of the remaining Oreo chocolate eggs, too. Just to be thorough, you know.

You can never have too much Oreo stuff!