Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix Is Hitting Shelves In Time For Fall! (Photos)

Nabisco continues to do its job of staying relevant, revamping new flavors that follow the changing seasons. With cooling temperatures, the company delivers hot cocoa to ring in the fall season.

First spotted by the Impulsive Buy, the new Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix will be gracing grocery shelves this fall, sending Oreo fans into a frenzy. Shed the last bit of cold, iced summer drinks, to embrace the warm feeling of a piping hot cup of cocoa!Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix

Oreo-flavored hot chocolate may sound revolutionary, but it's been done before. Last fall, Dunkin' Donuts debuted its Oreo-flavored hot chocolate to bring in the winter season. 7-Eleven released Oreo hot cocoa for a limited time. And even across the pond, Brit-based company Tassimo has been selling Oreo hot chocolate as pre-packaged pods. Japan's Maxim makes Oreo-flavored cocoa mixes as well.

On the other side of Oreo's hot cocoa mix frenzy is its counterpart: Hot Cocoa Oreo Cookie. A match made in heaven that when combined, will change the Oreo-eating game forever. According to Delish, "dunk hot cocoa Oreos in Oreo hot cocoa" to enjoy the "ultimate food-ception."

You'll never eat Oreos the same way again.

Oreos, always two steps ahead, has everyone anticipating winter, even though the leaves have barely changed color. Also, where have we been? Oreos have been the talk of the winter season for awhile now. Either we've not been not paying enough attention, or they're just not out long enough for us to catch on! Luckily, Junkbanter is keeping everyone up to date!

Last year, the food site posted a packaging mockup of Hot Cocoa Oreos via Instagram. That was a whole year ago, so it's only a matter of time before they come out, along with other festive flavors like red Winter Oreos and White Chocolate Oreos. Keep your eyes out for Junkbanter's site and Instagram because the next update just might be Hot Cocoa Oreos!

But for now, enjoy the other widely popular fall flavor, Pumpkin Spice Oreos -- or did you forget about them already?