Oreo's Latest Cookie Is A Chocolate Candy Bar

Finally, some news this November that we can get behind.

If you are anything like us, you have spent the past week fueling all of your righteous rage with plenty of sugar -- after all, an active mind needs plenty of energy to run at an optimal and healthy level. Right? Right.

Now, the cookie company Oreo has decided to bestow us with a handy tool -- it's better than just a new flavor of cookie. It's better than just a standard old chocolate bar (although we don't have many complaints where those are concerned); it's both.

Oreo has announced its collaboration with Milka to bring Oreo-stuffed milk chocolate bars to the American marketplace.

Now, as it happens, Milka-Oreo candy bars already exist in Europe, according to Popsugar. However, this marks their official debut stateside. You can officially pick up either the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar or the Oreo Big Crunch Bar (or both!) today, but if you can't find one, worry not: they're expected to become available basically everywhere by January 2017.

Oreo's new Chocolate Candy Bar comes in 1.44-ounce, 2.88-ounce and 3.52-ounce sizes for .98 cents, $1.68 and $1.79, respectively. The candy bar is described as a layer of Oreo creme (yum) mixed with some chocolatey wafer bits and then -- get this -- enrobed in creamy, decadent milk chocolate.

Yes please.

The Oreo Big Crunch Bar comes big just like its name, and is meant to be shared in its 10.5-ounce size. For $4.99, you'll get a giant, solid hunk of Oreo cookies sandwiched by Oreo creme (yas, Oreo, yas!), and then coated on both sides with delicious milk chocolate.

How will you enjoy your delicious Oreo candy?