Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate

Oreo's Mint Hot Chocolate Found Only At 7-Eleven (Photo)

7-Eleven has partnered with Oreo to bring us a brand new hot chocolate to warm us through the winter months, and if you're a mint chocolate fan, you're going to love it!  

To celebrate the winter holidays, "Milk's Favorite Cookie" company has launched an exclusive Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate available only at 7-Eleven stores and we have no doubt that this flavor will be a crowd favorite! And in keeping with the minty-fresh theme, the convenience store will also offer Oreo Mint Creme Cookies and the Milka Oreo Mint chocolate candy bar.

Hot Chocolate

This is the second time that 7-Eleven has featured a special Oreo-flavored hot chocolate. The Original Oreo hot chocolate debuted in 2015 and was a best-selling, limited-time offer that year, according to Brand Eating. It's safe to say, Oreo hot chocolate flavors are here to stay for years to come!

2017 marks the year Mint Oreo took over the 7-Eleven chain! Oreo will be rolling out more new, exclusive mint-flavored products so you can enjoy your favorite mint and chocolate flavor combo in donut, cookie, candy bar and single-serve forms. (Although, who is Oreo to tell us what single serve is to us?)

Oreo Mint Creme cookies will be available only at select locations, while the exclusive single-serve sizes will not be available until 2018. This gives us plenty of time to figure out what "single serve" really means. Let's face it, one serving is two to three sleeves, am I right?

Anyone who told you that you can't eat Oreos for breakfast is wrong. 7-Eleven is now offering Oreo-themed donuts made with a chocolate cake donut and Oreo cookie pieces, topped with vanilla icing and Oreo cookie crumbles. A Mint Oreo hot chocolate with a side of Oreo donut? Yes, please.

And, for good measure, 7-Eleven also carries irresistible Milka Oreo Mint chocolate candy bars, which can be broken into bite-sized pieces for "sharing." Any true fan of Thin Mints or anything mint chocolate-related knows sharing is not caring -- we want them all to ourselves!

7-Eleven is the place to be for chocolate mint fans, far and wide!