Pepperidge Farm Has A Whole Line Of New Cookies (Photo)

Pepperidge Farm Has A Whole Line Of New Cookies (Photo)

Pepperidge Farm is known for being a classic cookie brand, one that remembers the good old days when cookies were homemade and impossible to resist. From the perfectly crumbly chocolate-covered Milano Cookies to those straw-shaped Pirouettes that are perfect when swirled in milk, Pepperidge Farm has our cookie fantasies covered. That's why it's so important to note that there's a new line of Pepperidge Farm cookies being introduced: the Farmhouse cookies.

Brand Eating reports that the new Farmhouse Thin & Crispy cookies come in three flavors: Milk Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate Chip. The line is inspired by homemade cookie recipes, which means fewer ingredients. Each variety features nine to 12 "real" ingredients, like butter, flour, sugar, eggs … you get it.

The Farmhouse cookies are branded as being "A New Cookie Straight from 1937," according to a Pepperidge Farm press release. With trends moving more toward health-conscious foods and a new awareness of ingredients and the treatment of laying hens (from whom we get our eggs), Pepperidge Farm is making some positive moves in the right direction.

“Farmhouse Thin & Crispy Cookies were inspired by our Campbell Soup Company Real Food Philosophy,” says Carlos Abrams-Rivera, president of Pepperidge Farm. “There has been a significant shift in many food categories, but specifically in snacks, in which consumers want ‘real food’ ingredients. Pepperidge Farm and Campbell are committed to delivering real food that’s crafted with care and our Farmhouse Cookies and Farmhouse Bread offerings are delicious examples. In our 80-year history, Pepperidge Farm has remained 100% committed to quality.”

That's not all. Pepperidge Farm plans to add cage-free eggs to their ingredient lists. Already, all 58 varieties of their breads, buns and rolls are free from high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. What a great way to enter into the company's 80th year!

The Farmhouse line is available nationwide, so go check for them at your local grocery store. They're selling at a suggested retail price of $3.49. Do yourself a favor and go for all three amazing chocolate chip varieties!