Pepsi launches Diamond Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi

Pepsi launches Diamond Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi

If you know that it's the right time to ask the question that seeks the revered answer "I do," then Pepsi has got your back. With the introduction of an unusual idea for an engagement ring, Pepsi has got the surprise factor covered for you. The launch of the Pepsi Engagement Ring consisting of a real diamond and Crystal Pepsi got a loud hurrah from the people who love the beverage.

The attraction to the ring is readily apparent from the huge waves of people participating in the social media contest launched by the beverage company, timed perfectly right to Valentine's Day. Through this contest, the fans have a chance to get the ring featuring a 1.53-carat lab-grown alternative diamond attached to a platinum band merely by tweeting their proposal ideas. A company that appreciates uniqueness has asked its fans, through March 6, to tweet their most creative, bold, or even bizarre proposal ideas alongside Pepsi's social handle and the relevant hashtags, namely #PepsiProposal and #Contest.

Keeping the National Proposal Day on March 20, in sight, the announcement of the winner will be in the week of March 16. In collaboration with VaynerMedia, Pepsi has created a video, accompanying the ring, that riffs on orthodox engagement ring commercials. Scratching your head, thinking about how they made this ring? Well, behold the secret as Pepsi reveals that it boiled down Pepsi's clear beverage to the most basic carbon form, which resulted in powder.

This powder was then used to create a lab-grown diamond by using a small piece of natural diamond, which is placed in carbon under high pressure and temperature. One yay for Science, right! Well, Crystal Pepsi has been combining Science with Love since 1992. While it was discontinued both in the United States and Canada in 1994, the brand has re-released limited runs of the much sought after product occasionally, most recently in 2017.

The Pepsi Engagement Ring is not the brand's first attempt at a non-traditional product. Some of its other forays include the launch of its rosé for BravoCon and plans to launch a coffee-infused soda in the upcoming spring. Image Source: Pepsi